Land Manager - Solar

Milan, Italy
Environment and Renewable Energy

Job Description

Land Manager – Solar

Leap29 are recruiting for a Land Manager to be based in Milan or Lazio, in which you will have the responsibility for securing the land rights for the PV power plant. This includes landowner and relevant stakeholder contacts, negotiation and drafting and securing agreements.


  • Procuring land agreements for the planning, construction, operation, maintenance, and decommissioning of a PV farm.
  • Conducting due diligence on projects slated for acquisition from a land management perspective.
  • Liaising with landowners, drafting land lease agreements, negotiating terms, and ensuring agreements are duly signed.
  • Verifying and reporting on land agreement coverage during project closure, and aiding in the documentation for the Project Information Memorandum (PIM).
  • Engaging with road associations and other jointly owned areas to draft road use agreements, facilitate signings, and assist with official meetings when required.
  • Addressing investor inquiries during transaction phases, budgeting land agreement costs for construction, and updating data rooms with necessary documentation.
  • Generating map materials, either independently or in collaboration with GIS Engineers, to visually represent signed agreements within the project area.
  • Managing and updating land agreements, land survey data, and landowner information in the Land Management Support System.
  • Registering signed land lease agreements with the National Land Survey and accommodating investor preferences regarding agreements.
  • Developing and implementing project-specific Communication Plans in coordination with the project team.
  • Organizing meetings with landowners throughout all project phases to provide updates, address concerns, and field questions.
  • Prior to construction, communicating contact lists, construction restrictions, and special conditions outlined in land agreements to Construction Project Managers and main contractors.
  • Monitoring and supporting the consideration of landowner interests during construction, ensuring proper consultation before work commences.
  • Overseeing the collection of as-built documentation for construction areas and ensuring accurate payment calculations, including land lease distribution.
  • Managing land agreement-related requirements in CATA deliveries, such as obtaining property owner statements for security transfers.


  • Bachelor's degree in Forestry, Land Surveying, or Environmental Engineering.
    Previous experience in forestry sales/purchasing, land use planning, or land surveying within the solar or wind energy sector.
    Strong negotiation skills and experience handling legal contracts.
    Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to cultivate relationships with diverse stakeholders.
    Detail-oriented with a systematic approach to work, capable of managing multiple projects concurrently.
    Proficiency in geographical information systems (GIS) is advantageous.
    Fluent in Italian with professional-level English proficiency.

If you are interested in this position, please send your CV through to Rob Byrom.

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